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The Seven Year Seeds

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders. - Henry David Thoreau

This fall, I planted tulip bulbs with the faith and hope that come this time, the beginning of Spring, I would have a garden full of growth and color. Well, those anticipated, nurtured bulbs are starting to sprout! It reminds me of how I have been prepared over the last seven years with faithful seeds.

When I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014 from the landscape architecture program, I had a vision and dream of having my own landscape architecture firm one day. Seed one.

My first job out of school was with HFSD. I am so thankful for the investment, learning tears, and laughter that happened in that little office off of 150th Street. The consistent red lines, small business structure, and camaraderie opened my eyes to what owning a small business could look like. This experience taught me the technical skills that would lead me to my next career change. Seed two.

My technical skills at HFSD prepped me for the opportunity to be the lead designer for the OKC Parks Department. There I learned about my passion for parks and public spaces. Being the face of the community I worked for grew my heart in ways I didn’t know it needed to grow. My community and City became my drive! I also got to dive deep into the public realm’s ins and outs. The leadership poured insight and encouragement into me - saying you will be a Principal one day - yes, you will. Seed three.

My public design experience led me to Guernsey. At Guernsey, I learned the importance of collaboration with others in our consulting service fields. I grew my marketing skills and discovered that I loved to compete and highlight our Guernsey team. Marketing became another passion of mine. It allowed me to make relationships with my clients personally. And more than just clients. They became my friends. Seed four.

My next adventure was short but meaningful. Kimley-Horn taught me the importance of surrounding yourself with high-quality people. They also taught me the importance of creating a culture that represents you. And how every person you let through the door into your unique workplace needs to align with your culture. Seed five.

So here we are - seed six, year seven! Copeland Design Collective. I have been blessed for the seven years and six seeds that have prepped me for this moment. I am looking forward to growing and flourish over the years to come. And you bet those seeds will become a colorful, beautiful garden. This gardener is ready to put in the work to make a grand garden and help her seeds become something beautiful!

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